What is an Ambassador? What is a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador?


What is an Ambassador?

When you ‘google’ the definition of ‘Ambassador’ a couple of meanings come up but the one I am referring to today is the second one:

Dictionary reference

ambassador amˈbasədə/
noun: ambassador; plural noun: ambassadors
an accredited diplomat sent by a state as its permanent representative in a foreign country.
“the French ambassador to Portugal”


envoy, diplomat, ambassador extraordinary, ambassador plenipotentiary, plenipotentiary, consul, attaché, chargé d’affaires, emissary, legate, (papal) nuncio, representative, deputy; datedambassadress
“the American ambassador to London”

a representative or promoter of a specified activity.
“he is a good ambassador for the industry”
synonyms:campaigner; representative, exponent, promoter, proponent, advocate, champion, supporter, backer, upholder, protagonist;
“a great ambassador for the sport”

Personal Business Achievement


Having run multiple businesses for over 9 years where I had built a community of like-minded people:

  1. artists, art-lovers;
  2. property investors
  3. business professionals and
  4. holistic health and well being through the use of essential oils

I felt it was time for me to connect and find a community of like-minded people, outside of Australia to learn and achieve in online marketing. This was an aspect of business that I had always had fair to good to even great results.  However, I felt like there was more that I could achieve.

International Business Award

I had been inspired by an Ontraport conference I had attended in 2015. I had been invited to attend to receive a busines award for ‘Most Creativity with Technology’. The people I met were everyday people like you and me achieving extra ordinary things in their businesses and the majority from home-based, online businesses. How I perceived success in business had changed for me forever in those 4 short days.

15 months ago (April, 2017) I decided to find this community of like-minded people that I could access, learn from and connect with from Australia. My vision was a vibrant, online, positive community. So what did I do to find it? I ‘googled it’ of course!

Online Business Community

business community

After sometime researching and trialling several platforms I decided on Wealthy Affiliate. This is the vibrant, online, positive community I had imagined. Not only that, it provides the latest in affiliate and online marketing education with many experienced and successful mentors available to lend a hand. Including rubbing shoulders with ‘Super Affiliates’. Now these guys don’t ‘walk round’ the community with the badge ‘Super Affiliate’ stuck to their heads. In fact, many of them keep a very low profile. But they are there and just like in person once you get to know people and build trust, more open up and support and assist you more and more. Including the founders!

Now if I described my journey at WA, as easy, I would be lying. Why? Because any good education provider will stretch and challenge you just as much as support and assist you. So some days are incredible (like today) and others more challenging but isn’t that part of the joy of the journey of life and business?

But today was a very special day because… today I became a WA Ambassador for the first time.

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador?

WA Ambassador badge

In the words of co-founder, Kyle Loudoun of Wealthy Affiliate, he explains. “Ambassadorship is an internally ranking system within Wealthy Affiliate where members can see where they rank. The more you help, create, and the more active you are, the higher your rank will be within the community.” Here is a video explanation.

An internally ranking system of over 800,000 entrepreneurs across the globe. The Ambassador members are ranks 1 to 25. 2 of this 25 are the co-founders of the business and a couple of senior, active members that create content and are a big and positively influential part of this community.

This achievement and acknowledgement is special because, I have achieved it by focusing and pursuing my own knowledge, improving my blogging skills and writing consistently. This not only has helped me to be a better blogger but a better writer. A better writer in my business development role and my teaching role. Win/Win or rather Win/Win/Win/Win. I just love these additional bonuses along the journey of working towards larger, medium to long term goals.

So why do I blog when I have 2 part-time ‘day jobs’ that I love, by the way… I do it because I hung up my business shoes at the end of last year and I didn’t want to just completely close that part of my life. How many business professionals do you know have ‘side hustles’? This can be for many reasons: lifelong learning, financial goals or to connect. Mine was for to connect. Therefore, I feel nurtured, support and today am feeling very, very blessed.

I have shared my knowledge as I learn along the way and have been supported by this positive acknowledgement. As I have said within the community. I wish to achieve the labels: WA Ambassador and Super Affiliate. I have achieved the first now to continuing to work on the second goal. Watch this space.


The most special part of achieving this badge of honour is my son saw me set the goal and he has also seen me achieve it. That is incredibly special to be able to be a positive role model to him in not only words but in actions and results too.

mother and son

If you’d like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate feel free to ask questions below or read my review here.






12 thoughts on “What is an Ambassador? What is a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador?

  1. Hi. Thank you for your post. I currently rank at 47. I am very active in the areas of 1) welcoming newcomers 2) blogging 3) answering questions 4) giving feedback on sites and 5) commenting on sites. I love it. Helping others, helps me. It reinforces my learning. win/win.

  2. Fleur, may I just say what a beautiful website this is. It is no wonder why you became a wealthy affiliate ambassador. You’re success, has also inspired me to continue my dreams and enhance my business. Keep making great content and good luck in becoming a super affiliate, I’m sure you will accomplish it in no time.

    1. Thank you Udith I appreciate your feedback. Yes working on my website is an ongoing work in progress, I don’t think they ever become ‘perfect’. Yes working on it each day I feel I get closer to my goal as a Super Affiliate

  3. Good article. I feel like I have a better understanding of what an ambassador is. I like that you shared a little about your personal life and experience.
    Have a great day!

  4. I love your passion to help others, but you also admit that you yourself are learning as well as helping others. A great leader doesn’t stop learning in my opinion. Being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community is really one of a kind. People like you are appreciated among the community in order to help those with their goals keep going. So I thank you for your contribution! And thanks for spreading the word that there are great ambassador’s like you leading the WA community!

    1. Thanks, Jeremy that is appreciated. Yes I’ve always loved helping people especially when I can do so as I work towards achieving my own goals – that is win/win

  5. Hi Fleur, it’s really great to be able to understand how you achieved all that you have on the great Wealthy Affiliate platform. It really is an achievement to become an ambassador so quickly, and rightfully deserved as you have worked hard.

    You are so right, WA is a fantastic community of like-minded people who all share the same goals – to be a part of a community and to build out an online business. It is indeed a journey that will challenge and excite, and some days frustrate, but you just have to hang in there because the rewards are so worth it.

    The training and support of the community here really will give you everything you need to be a success. I cannot recommend it enough and have had nothing but positive experiences in the past year since I joined 🙂

    1. Agreed Stefanie. I remember when I first joined I was a little sceptical of all the ‘raving fans’ that spoke so highly of the WA community but now I am one of those raving fans. It continues to over-deliver on expectations by remaining current and up-to-date

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