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Super Affiliate Training

My personal journey of the Super Affiliate Training I am participating in, I have realised I am sharing this in the online community that is providing this exclusive training (for free). However, I am not updating you on the journey here! Crazy. So here is the review of my experience at the end of Month 2 and working through Month 3’s tasks.

Plus I was motivated to share this journey as I reflect on my 1st year anniversary of being a member of this online community. That is a story for another post. Back to the Super Affiliate Training update:


Super Affiliate Training – My Diary – End of Month 2

If you’re not aware of the background and how I began on this journey I share a summary of the timelines of this story in my blog post: I will succeed – My Super Affiliate Training Diary – Month 1

Month 2 –  8 March – 7 April 2018

After ending my first month with a blogging marathon to complete 10 blogs in 2 days! I know, crazy, right? I can tell you it was and I don’t recommend it. However, I learnt alot and also realised how much faster I write now than 12 months ago.

Therefore, I began my 2nd month with renewed motivation and determination to achieve. I began very well, completely all the preparation tasks of:

  • Researching 30 keywords related to my niche
  • Selecting 12 keywords I would focus on for this 2nd month of blogs
  • Create captivating 12 titles for the blogs of these 12 keywords and
  • Map out the content of these blog posts

Then… my 2 part-time jobs took over. Due to being the beginning of the year and requiring the necessary preparaing and planning that is normal for these roles as a Business Development Manager and a Flute Teacher.

Now I continued to work but using less hours but rather than focusing on writing out my blog posts and publishing throughout the month. I chose to use, what little time I had, to support others within the community by engaging with their content on their blogs and answering those engaging on my blog too. In hindsight it perhaps would have been wiser to create more content for my own blog. So lesson learnt! Therefore, instead of focusing on…

What I did achieve in Month 2:

As I already mentioned earlier in this blog. I did achieve the keyword research, title creation tasks and breaking down the content of the articles. Plus I:

  • Wrote 4 blogs to WA blog
  • Wrote 4 blogs to this my own blog
  • Added imagery to the content (I so LOVE the image libraryI have access too)
  • Distributed what little content I did publish throughout the month
  • Supported other bloggers by engaging in their content that interested me
  • Plus replied to all the comments I received on my blog posts
  • Actively supported other affiliate marketers as they needed and
  • Checked my sites speed performance stats and got assistance from Site Supportto improve that – dramatically!

In Summary

Once I shifted my focus from what I didn’t achieve to what I did achieve. Firstly, I felt a WHOLE lot better and Secondly, it motivated me to make a plan to improve the number of posts I complete and publish for Month 3 being from 8 April to 7 May, 2018.

The plan for Month 3 of my Super Affiliate Training

Firstly, was to make a plan on when I would write and then publish my weekly posts. Aiming for 2 to 3 per week, this will be post 2 for this week, so … so far so good…

I also like the focus for this month being:

  • Social Media (how not to waste time on it)
  • Imagery and
  • Content with Intention and Purpose


I have got my head around the Social Media aspect, although recently
having deactivated my Facebook account has caused me to shift and
rethink the strategy.

This month, I’ll post on focus my social sharing efforts on Google +, Instagram and LinkedIn. For the latter, to those I’m connected with that are interested in online business and marketing tools and strategies not as a blanket public sharing as I have found this to be a more effective and meaningful strategy.


I already use a great deal of imagery in my posts however am open to improving it with some Call-To-Action banners and buttons, where relevant. But also mindful to not over use. So I think a delicate balancing act based on experience. I use many more images now since having access to such a high quality image library as I have blogged about recently here. Therefore this aspect of publishing posts is now a much more joyful experience rather than in the past being stressed about finding suitable imagery to include.

Content with Intention and Purpose

So what is my intention and purpose for this blog? It is to provide
quality, meaningful and practical knowledge on how to create and succeed
running an online business. It is important to me to provide this information and
education to you at a low cost. Personalised mentoring is available to support
you too. I understand when beginning this journey you are mindful of the costs that quickly accumulate. I can assure you, after 10 years of business, I have found a community that consitently provides services beyond expectations, at a very affordable price. I’m talking about less than $500 per year to get started. This is almost unheard of. Therefore, if you’d like to know more about accessing Super
Affiliate Training please contact me or

Affiliate Marketing Training


I feel my content already has this intention and purpose however I am very much open to feedback and happy to look at ways to improve what I already provide. I know one aspect is to build trust with, you my audience, by publishing consistently. Therefore:

Please share in the comments below, how much would YOU like to see content published to this blog?



2 thoughts on “Super Affiliate Training – My Diary

  1. thank you for writing this great review about Super affiliate training. I really appreciate that. Gosh hard to believe that you have been a member of this community for 12 months – happy anniversary. You have a lot of knowledge already. Well done. 10 blogs in 2 days is HUGE well done for achieving that. I am wondering why you totally deactivated your Facebook Account? Was it about privacy or something else? Thank you and keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks so much Glenys for your comments and stopping by and taking the time to look at my blog posts. Yes 10 blogs in 2 days was HUGE and a tad crazy, don’t recommend it but I was glad I did it because it broke me through some writer’s block. Regarding Facebook, I just chose to take a break from it as it began to encroach too much on my day to day life and I wanted to act against their recent ‘arrogance’ about privacy issues

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