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This Start Here page gives you direct access to your 5 Steps to Online Success and is intended to explain how to get the most use out of this website about how you can turn your passion into your purpose.

The 5 Essential Steps to Achieve Online Success are:

  1. It begins with You
  2. Uncovering Your Passion to turn into Your Purpose
  3. What to Do to Succeed
  4. What You Do Not Do to Succeed
  5. The Right Environment to Succeed

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How to Navigate this Passion to Purpose Website



The purpose of this website, Passion to Purpose, is to fast track you to online business success. Here is how this works. Through this website you have the following services available to you for FREE (we are not kidding):

  1. You’re invited to join the global community of entrepreneurs, the founder of Passion to Purpose, Fleur Allen is a member of (there is a Free membership level)
  2. You can have access to FREE websites to get you started today
  3. I mentor and guide you to achieve the online success you desire both here on this blog and inside the business community
  4. Update you with the 5 essential Steps to achieve online success and
  5. Invite you to contribute to this website through the comments

But let’s jump into the nitty-gritty of turning a Passion to Purpose. We’d like to share with you our Number 1 Recommendation in Business. Go here to this blog post for the review created about this business community.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments and we will be more than happy to help you out:



8 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Hi Fleur Allen,

    You’ve got quite an incredible background filled with experience and successes! I’m attempting to build my own online business from the ground up and I will definitely be seeking your guidance as I move forward. How lucky am I to have come across your website – thank you very much for simplifying so much information into an easy-to-read format too.

    May your successes continue forever,

    1. Absolute pleasure Andrew. Thank you for your feedback this is always welcome. I look forward to supporting each other in our journey to help others online

  2. Fleur, you are obviously passionate about what you do, and I’m glad that you’ve found succcess at it. We should all be so lucky. I hope that I can make something of my passion, as you have. Wishing you continued success!

    1. Thanks so much Dexter, you can too! It always sounds easy when reading another person’s story. I have my fair share of ups and downs but I also do acknowledgement and feel very blessed I can share my knowledge and experiences. You absolutely can make something of your passion!

  3. Hi Fleur

    I’m so glad I came across your site!

    I have a real passion for property but never had a chance to get involved as much as I wanted to.

    I’m now a follower of your website!

  4. Great content Fleur. Your design looks great and everything looks professional. “Passion to Purpose” sounds like a really good blog to follow. I love the essential steps you included into your blog. Your passion will drive you to success and I am encouraged that It will do the same for me.


    1. Thanks so much Brandi I’m delighted you found the website helpful and easy to navigate.

      Absolutely all the success you desire is possible. Just take action every day it accumulates and Boom one day you wake up achieving all your goals and more

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