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Turn Your Passion to Purpose


This is your Passion area. This is where you need to begin to turn your passion to profit. Where you can get clear on what specifically you’re going to share and in what way. Whether it’s online, through a website or blog or face-to-face from a physical venue. After receiving our Essential Passion to Profit Steps you will receive invitations to access free websites, business community and mentoring (but if you want to fast track that then go here for more information).

We are so very excited for you that you have decided to embark on this incredible adventure to turn your passion to profit. Congratulations and well done on taking the first step on this incredible journey in business and within yourself. Being in business certainly is a vehicle where you get to know yourself very well.

To get clear on your passion(s), you already know what they are deep inside sometimes we resist acknowledging them. For me, teaching, for some reason was something many years ago I didn’t want to admit I loved to do – now that seems so absurd. Beginning with the ideal life you are motivated to create for yourself often draws out your core values that underpin everything that you do both consciously and subconsciously.

So now that you have taken your first step beginning here. To assist you to uncover your values and therefore you Passion and where you want to be through creating a profitable business. The next emails you will receive will give you access to my Visualisation process (value $297) here I describe what it is all about as a member of the Passion to Profit Tribe you receive access for FREE:

Once you have completed the visualisation process, written out your ideal day and drawn out your top values. Think about what type of business will support you to achieve these things. Remembering to be successful in business you must make a profit.


Profit and Sales – two of my favourite topics. Why? Because when you’re in business this is where it is revealed your true feelings around money and how much you value yourself. This is often where I hear the most, ‘I don’t want to come across too ‘salesy’. Here is where I recommend, if Profit and Sales feel too much like a ‘dirty word’ right now. Replace Profit with Freedom and Sales with Service.

Try that on for size… how does that feel? Better?

What is profit? Profit is what is left after all your business expenses (including taxes) have been paid. Without profit you are unable to pay for your life. This is critical and something I want you to face right now. All too often I see those starting in business tell me sales and profits will matter later. That is all well and good as long as you have an income to pay for your life. But I encourage you to set some financial goals (you think you can achieve) now. You can always come back and review them as you progress.

Share in the comments here how you feel about Profit? Essentially about asking for money in exchange for your services of products:

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