Seeking Exceptional Online Customer Support Services?

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 What do you look for in online customer support services?

I look for:

  • Knowledgeable team
  • Quick response
  • Accurate information
  • Great communicators – Patient and Approachable and
  • User friendly platform

I have used many online customer support services over the past 10 years since being in small business. And many services have been really good, even great but not all of them have achieved all of the above. I have finally found an exceptional website customer support service, and believe you me, I have sent them some curly questions. I will share this service later in this article. Firstly I’d like to highlight what I mean by the above 5 essential criteria for an exceptional website customer support service.

Knowledgeable Team

knowledgeable team

Although I have owned a variety of websites over the years, I am by no means knowledgeable in the technical, behind-the-scenes aspects of hosting a website. Nor am I interested in pursuing this knowledge. Nor do I need to be an expert in this area, as many website owners aren’t. Therefore, it is essential to have access to a knowledgeable team 24 hours 7 days (24/7) a week.

One that is knowledgeable in website speed; fixing html errors; site backups; site security and spam protection. I love working with a team that I have the confidence that they can assist me in all my website support needs. This really is a great relief and means I simply don’t have to worry in this aspect of my business.

Quick Response

quick response

Again another essential criteria for an exceptional website customer support service is consistently a quick response. Especially important when you feel you may have ‘broken’ something and has a direct impact on your visitor’s user experience or simply you find your website is ‘down’ for some unknown reason. I recommend finding a service with 24/7 access, yes it does exist!

The service I use, are always very helpful and particularly when email hosting goes wrong. You know when you can no longer send and/or receive emails and you haven’t changed any settings but one day you wake up and it just isn’t working. Often at a time when email communication is urgent or necessary.

Accurate Information

accurate information

The website customer support service needs to be able to consistently provide accurate information. In the event they don’t know the answer, they need to be 100% transparent and to let you know they don’t have the answer but also to reassure you they are actively finding it out for you. Unless of course your question for some reason, is not related to the service they provide. Which on occasion can happen because sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.

The service I recommend were excellent when one of my websites appeared to be down by systematically ruling out possible problems until they uncovered the problem and then went about solving it.

Good Communicators – Patient and Approachable

good communicator

This is often missing in many website customer support service teams training and has a detrimental effect on keeping long term website support serivce clients.

Having these characteristics in any website customer support service team will almost guarantee long term loyal clients unfortunately it is almost rare. I have had these characteristics from this type of team before however their platform I found far too confusing for my brain to use.

The service I now use were exceptional when a domain transfer was taking unusually long. The main problem was from other service provider platforms however they remained in communication with me throughout the whole process until it was successful. They treated me with respect. As a result I had the confidence in their services to transfer all my website hosting needs to their platform.

User Friendly Platform

user friendly


For my brain this is completely essential, particularly as a ‘non techy’. One service I have used before was great in all other areas however I consistently just couldn’t find the information I needed it. It perhaps was how my brain is wired but still important as I am the type of person that likes to be able to troubleshoot or problem solve myself first before creating a support ticket.

As you will now read below about the website customer support service team I use, their platform is oh so easy to use. Well my brain finds it easy to use. Which simply takes a lot of stress and worry away about owning multiple websites. It is reassuring I have a team I can trust and rely upon.


fleur recommends

The exceptional website customer support service team I use are the Site Support service team provided to all Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members, which I am one. This membership is less than $1 per day. I have transferred all my business websites and this personal blog to their hosting services. They assisted me through this process step by step. However, I don’t recommend shifting multiple websites all in one day. I staggered my transfers according to other existing services agreements expiry dates.

I don’t use the word exceptional lightly to describe Site Support, they really are above and beyond any service I have ever used and as I mentioned I have used some great services in the past.

Please note the annual fee I pay does not only cover site support but you also receive:


Access to a global community of established marketing experts providing Unlimited support and mentoring


25 wordpress websites plus 25 free subdomain sites

Keyword and Niche Research tool – read more here

SiteContent blog writing platform


Live trainings on building a website

Training courses on all aspects of running an online website based business

Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons)

Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)

If you’d like to know more about this service please take a look at my review here


This is a summary of all that is provided. Sounds too good to be true. I thought the same. I joined on the free Starter membership however I upgraded within days after I could see what was provided was genuine. I encourage you to check the membership out for yourself.

Please share your experiences of website support services below:





6 thoughts on “Seeking Exceptional Online Customer Support Services?

  1. Hi,
    I rate time of resolution and communication as number 1.

    I don’t want to only know that my problem was solved, i need to know the cause, fix and preventative measures implemented.
    I think communication is something most support teams ignore and is my personal pain point.

    1. Yes agreed, preventative measures are so important and helpful! Yes it is unfortunate communication isn’t always valued in many support teams

  2. I like all of your criteria. Many websites have better customer service, but when I first started back in 2008, I had multiple websites that have almost no customer support (scam?) or takes so long to respond. I would weight on quick response over anything because I had gone through the pain. If you don’t hear quick enough, you start getting nervous if this website is legit. Because you can’t see what’s going on in the online business, exceptional customer service is absolutely a must!
    Thank you for your great info!

  3. Hi, i agree with you a 100% I look for the same thing in website customer services infact every service industry. Technicians and customer represtentive should be reliable and acquire the necessary knowlege to ensure valuable services. My experience with website support service was moderate only problem encounter was miscommunications a d it was dealt with as quickly as possible.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sharnna. Yes it should be for all service industries agreed! Delighted to hear you have had such good experiences

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