How to Make Money Online for Real

There are a multitude of ways of how to make money online for real including taking surveys, writing reviews, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, ecommerce shop, MLM (multi-level marketing structures), blog writing, online trading and a myriad more. For the purposes of this article I will focus on 3 ways to succeed online that I have had the most exposure too and success with from my own personal experience and success from those I know:

  • Blog writing
  • Ecommerce shop and
  • Affiliate Marketing

All 3 ways can be done very well or really badly. I confess I have not always been on the really well end of the scale. Often you simply don’t know what you don’t know. Therefore rather than fumble around in the dark as I did 10 years ago. I am motivated to share what knowledge and experience I do have, but also to make sure you know where you can get more support, knowledge, experience and therefore success.

Before beginning, I know I have said this before however it is important to check in with your current mindset on the topic of ‘making money online for real’. For some reason, many people have always thought this medium of making money is easier and quicker than traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ style businesses and streams of income. Can I point out this is a myth. If you are looking for a fast, quick, get rich quick overnight solution. This is not it and it does not exist. From those I know that have ‘appeared’ to succeed overnight reveal all the effort and work they put into their ‘overnight success’.

Therefore, I encourage you to open your mind and put any existing ideas or perceptions aside.

I share a tip on how to be supported in your online success and journey at the end of this article. Stay tuned…

So let’s begin!

Blog Writinghow to make money online for real

Although Blog writing is not new. Blog Writing to achieve making money online for many, is not a reality. I have owned blogs for over a decade. I do not pretend to have had 10 years of success generating income online from my blogs. However, the blogs I’ve had for a long time and I have consistently published attract not only traffic but good quality traffic.

For my personal story, I have generated income from blogs when coupled with using an opt-in form and emarketing strategies. I think this is where my background as a teacher comes out. I simply can’t help myself and just want to and love to teach. The opt-in form from my blog allows me the opportunity to share a free 7 day course where I can demonstrate my value. Therefore this strategy works to my strengths as a trained educator.

However, I do know of many online entrepreneurs that make money from publishing regular content to their blogs and some are paid to write on multiple blogs. Therefore, once you have mastered this craft of writing blogs you can apply it to your own content and blogs, but can be paid to do so for others. Nice!

This year, in 2017 as I approach my 10 year anniversary on the 1 December I decided to gain the knowledge I have never taken the time to master, that is, how to write helpful, meaningful blogs aimed to help rather than ‘just sell’. I found a community that I have been a member now for 6 months and I believe my understanding of both blog writing and affiliate marketing has increased exponentially. I have written a review here on this service if you would like to know more.

E-commerce Shophow to make money online for real ecommerce shop

Selling using an e-commerce shop or online platforms such as ebay and gummie (in Australia) I have had consistent success for the past 10 years. The key to success here is to overcome all objections. You achieve this by providing all information that will address any question someone may come up with for a reason not to buy. I have had countless conversations with business people that think, ‘no one reads all the information’. Granted many don’t. Those that don’t read every word will skim read through the headings and sub-headings and then make a decision to buy. Those that do read every word, will, it takes them time but if they feel confident that all their questions have been answered, they will buy.

Therefore the key to selling from e-commerce shops:

1. To provide as much information as possible. That is text, images, short demo or testimonial videos.

2. Provide high quality images and

3. Make the shopping cart experience easy.

My current e-commerce website is here if you’d like to see an example.

Affiliate Marketinghow to make money online for real - affiliate marketing

This is a strategy that over the years has got a bad wrap. Frankly because there have been many programs that simply aren’t good. However, when an affiliate marketer is professional. They demonstrate their professionalism, build trust with their audience (rather than only sell) and recommend products and services they believe in themselves. Then it works.

Now if this is not for you, that is ok. It might be something you work towards with experience in other forms of online income.

I have based an entire offline business on this principle with great success. I am now working with a community of successful affiliate marketers to learn more because I would like to work with an audience beyond my geographic location.

My final recommendations on How to Make Money Online for Real

1. Choose one of the above that appeals to you the most and then

2. Surround yourself with a community of business people achieving in this area. Therefore, learn from the best.

If you have any questions about what I have seen and/or used over the years please comment below and I will respond to you within a day:





8 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online for Real

  1. I loved reading this content. Making money online can seem like mission impossible at first.

    I personally love the affiliate marketing aspect of it. It amazes me that I can write something put a link to a product within the content. If the reader clicks the link and buys the product I’ll get a commission. Now that’s exciting and I can only imagine the amount of commissions that roll in from a website that is getting thousands of visitors a day.

    1. Absolutely James, providing helpful, useful and relevant content attracts thousands of visitors a day. When you provide value, you build trust and then voila the affiliate income is a reality. What is your experience with making money online?

  2. Hello Fleur,

    I like your simple list of options for the beginner here. I have a blog that also utilizes affiliate marketing so to me those are combined into one. I have found having a community to give comments and visit my site thereby increasing traffic helps greatly with search engine rankings. I have not tried an e-commerce shop.

    Having done all of these which do you like better or think are easier or more profitable to run?


    1. Thanks for your comments Jessica. Well I’ve been blogging for 10 years now but it began like an online journal stimulating some conversations which then lead into 3 different businesses in art, property and business. I would say which is best is according to each individual’s passions and skills. Although I have been blogging for a long time, I have never felt like a natural writer so therefore has not been my favourite. It is only in the last 6 months I took on additional training to improve these skills that I am now beginning to feel the love.

      I have enjoyed success with ecommerce selling art online which I really enjoyed. My skills were in the arts and marketing and networking therefore this lent well to my skill level and passion.

      Finally, affiliate marketing is something again I have done here and there and it has been this year that again I found appropriate training to improve my skills in this area. Therefore increasing my success too.

      I agree belonging to a community of like-minded people is invaluable.

  3. Can you tell me a little more about how you set your ecommerce site up? It sounds like it would be really complex. I don’t know the first thing about coding and assume you have to connect it to a payment platform and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t mind writing, so perhaps a blog is a better idea?

    1. Yes absolutely. I use a woocommerce shopping cart on my Out of the Box Biz website, which I maybe shifting to this blog in 2018. Just waiting to see which is generating the most traffic, and then will consolidate. The website it is on currently was a face-to-face traditional business with an online presence but the face-to-face element I am closing 31 Dec 2017.

      But back to your question. I like woo-commerce because there are plenty of resources to take me through step by step the set-up. My store is connected to paypal and stripe payment gateways to process payments. I also have a Pay now – Pay later option too.

      There are a variety of shopping carts available but I chose woo commerce because I like to have multiple users selling their products and services from that current website.

      I hope that helps. But if you love writing, keep on doing that 🙂

  4. Hi great post, I have just got started to learn about affiliate marketing myself, as it was recommended as a good way for a beginner to start an online business. I have also heard the Ecommerce is a bit more advanced but seems as though you started out this way. What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you think affiliate marketing or Ecommerce is the best place for a beginner to start an online business?

    1. Thanks for your comment Lee. I believe it all comes down to the existing passions and skills of the individual to begin with ecommerce or affiliate marketing. Having said that, I did start in business 10 years ago so in my circles, ecommerce was the latest ‘new shining’ thing to try. Whereas here in Australia affiliate marketing was less advanced and well known. In today’s climate, I believe both have been simplified. Therefore, I believe ending up with both can work but to initially, as a beginner focus on one. Master that and then add the other if necessary or is of interest. I hope that’s helpful?

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