How to Find Keywords for Website Ranking

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In this blog post I show you How to Find Keywords for Website Ranking

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This topic, How to Find Keywords for Website Ranking is one that for beginners in business online can find confusing or overwhelming, I know it was for me years ago. Therefore, I wanted to walk you through how I go about finding keywords for website ranking.

Firstly however, there are many keyword research tools available, I use Jaaxy and this post includes a walk through video on how I do my keyword research using this tool.

However, purpose of this blog post is not a review on Jaaxy, if you want to know more about this tool then go to the review post I have written on my personal blog here.

Keyword Research Tool

I use Jaaxy because it is user friendly and I receive it free through an online community membership I have through WA, more about that service here. Please note, Jaaxy also provides a free version with limited services so you can try before you buy.

I would say that I am not an expert in keyword research however as I have been in business for the past 10 years and have had an awareness of the importance of keyword research for website ranking through out that time, I have made it a priority to learn more about this area.

To demonstrate how to find keywords for website ranking I will be researching keywords for a blog post I’d like to write about a CRM program called Ontraport. Therefore I will use this as the example to show you how I go about researching keywords.

How to Find Keywords for Website Ranking

In a nutshell, whatever keyword research tool you use, make sure you are comfortable with how it works. What you are wanting to achieve is traffic to your website but also not to be competing with too many other websites. If you’re starting out don’t be afraid of low traffic estimate keywords, because if you’re not competing then you and your content are the focus for the searcher and therefore the expert in that content.

I have created a short (under 10 minutes) video walking you through how I research keywords for blog posts. Please note, in the video I save the keywords in my list as Keyword research but I should have called the folder Ontraport Review (it will make sense once you watch the video).

A couple of terms I define in the video are below. I have simply shared here the exact explanations from the Jaaxy website. Remembering the numbers are estimates and could be more:

Keyword A phrase that users type into search engines to find what they are looking for

Avg The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month

Traffic Estimated traffic that this list of keywords will receive if you rank on the first page of search engines

QSR Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword (recommended to be below 300, some say 100)

KQI Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is Great, Yellow is OK, Red is Poor (I personally aim for Green)

SEO Search Engine Optimisation: A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank on the first page (scale of 1 – 100, higher the better).

Domains Availability of domains that are related to the keyword

Please share your comments and keyword research experiences below:

8 thoughts on “How to Find Keywords for Website Ranking

  1. I am a member of WA and I had no idea that Jaaxy did all of things that you showed in the video, thank you for that and I think after my free searches, I most likely will be purchasing the Jaaxy keyword tool. Keywords are where I need to focus my energy on my next post. Thanks for the article, it was a good one.

    1. Absolute pleasure Bobbi, yes the WA membership is huge and it takes some time to get know all that you have access too. Hey Bobbi, are you aware Jaaxy is not included in WA membership? If not, let me know and I’ll show you how.

  2. Keyword research puts any website owner at an advantage. I use Jaaxy and love it. Finding long tail keywords that are not too competitive continues to work well for me. I loved your video and how you showed how to use Jaaxy. It is unbelievable how many keywords are out there that bring in huge visits. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment, yes I thought a quick video would explain a lot more faster than attempting to write it all out in a blog post.

  3. Hi Fleur,

    Great post! I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate and didn’t realise I could access Jaaxy!. I see there are now 2 levels of free on Jaaxy. That is such a bonus. I will start using it straight away. I was using the WA free keyword tool which is still damn good but Jaaxy takes it to the next level.

    Keywords are really our life blood in many ways and having a good keyword tool is a top priority. How to find keywords for website rankings is now so much easier. Thank you!!


    1. My pleasure Kev! Yes there is so much within the Wealthy Affiliate membership its easy to miss something. Agreed keywords are important and an easy to use keyword tool such as Jaaxy is a must. Thanks for sharing

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