Have a Purpose Have a Why

Have a purpose have a why

In Business many dismiss the importance to Have a purpose have a why.

Being able to clearly articulate your purpose and your why.  We often think, why would anyone be interested in my motivations for being in business? However our own authentic, personal story is very much of interest to those that are considering and do work with us.

Here is a radio interview on this same topic here

I have been having conversations with business professionals and entrepreneurs for many years now on their purpose and ‘why’ in business and indeed in life. I continue to love to hear what inspires entrepreneurs to do what they do. It is inspiring because this is always unique to each individual. It is often built on life experience and closing linked to your own story. I love people and I love hearing people’s stories particularly in business.

When I began my first business in 2007 when my son turned 1:

  • My Purpose was to have control over my work diary so I can be available to my son and still work and
  • My Why was to help art lovers own the art they loved which transformed their surroundings (home or office) and therefore the way they felt which ultimately affects what we achieve in business and life.

This is one of the points I share on my new blog (thanks to the education here at WA) Passion to Profits. But that’s enough about me…

What is your Purpose and Why?

To help you I eleborate on this topic here in the content of this website.

2 thoughts on “Have a Purpose Have a Why

  1. I’ve personally chosen to be in business to not only make money but have freedom… People don’t realize how much time of their life is wasted only working for money with no real enjoyment outside of work.

    1. Agreed Aaron, a balance in both is important. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to join in the conversation. Wishing you every success in gaining your freedom and the income you aspire too.

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