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from passion to purpose


passion to purpose launchThis blog, Passion to Purpose has been created by me, serial entrepreneur, Fleur Allen.

I am motivated by a significant business milestone approaching – 10 years of being an entrepreneur on 1 Dec 2017:

  • I have been reflecting on where I have come from and where I am now, compared to 10 years ago. My personal blog documents a lot of this journey.
  • I have created 4 different businesses based on 4 of my passions: art, property, business networking and education and essential oils. I know diverse right?
  • I have achieved many successes in business including a flexible timetable; working part-time hours on a great income; media coverage and multiple business awards. I share more of my story about this journey here


I have been talking about uncovering your why and your purpose for many years now (from my personal blog) since 2010. so this is not a new concept for me.

But as much as I have achieved.


I have always had an aspiration to find high value, cost effective ways to run a small business for those with less than a $1 Million turnover. For resources that end up being a Return on Investment rather than a cost to the business.

Why? Over the years, I have seen these size businesses affected by market changes the most simply due to their size; they are often more vulnerable than larger businesses. In addition, to ensure income sources are generated from multiple markets to future proof any business from one market changing suddenly.

Focus and Purpose of this blog

Therefore I am sharing on this blog the proven methods and resources to help those new to business or those wishing to break the $1Million turnover goal to get where they want to be. Especially those wanting to come from a passion to purpose; turning a passion into a purposeful, profitable business.

This blog focuses on resources that I subscribe to specifically in achieving your business goals online. This year I had been actively looking or quality, current education on achieving in business online. I came across one online community in particular.

My Gift to You

As my gift to you. To get you started in uncovering your passion to turn into your purpose and your profitable business. I share a visualisation tool that I have shared with all my property and busienss mentoring clients over the past 8 years (valuded at $297). It is yours Free when you subscribe to our Passion to Purpose Tribe emails. Join today and receive this tool and the essential steps to turn your passion to your purpose and a profitable business.

Just ‘Google’ it

I came across it after researching on google (as we all do these days). Within the first week of joining this community I realised, the additional services were saving me hundreds of dollars. For example, free keyword research tool, web hosting and cost effect domain name registration.

Nice! Plus it is a resource that provides you with the education to turn your Passion into your Purpose and therefore a Purposeful Business regardless of your experience level. Essentially fast tracking Start ups 10 years. I so wished I had of found them 10 years ago when I was green and first starting out in business.

So stick around to learn more about aspects of this resource you can access to test out for free.

Please do leave your comments below and let’s begin the process of taking you from Passion to Purpose!

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