What to Do to take Your Passion to Profits

Here are the top 5 Do’s in business. Critical when creating a new business particularly from a passion, hobby or skill. This is coming from someone that has created businesses many times over. Do:

  • Have a clear Purpose and Why you’re in business
  • Adopt a Positive Mindset
  • Share what you’re doing with those you know
  • Set Time Limits on how much you work
  • Have a Set Work Area


Have a clear Purpose and Why you’re in business

This is a topic that sometimes stumps people when new to business or online business. I encourage you to simply not over think it. Remember in my own story, my business journey began because I wanted control over my work diary due to having a one year old and also to take the opportunity to share something I love which is visual art – specifically original paintings and sculpture. I was motivated by a mix of practical (control of working hours to fit in with my son’s routines) and passion (working in visual arts). Remember being in business is a vehicle where you can help others through sharing your passion. If you fundamentally believe what you do can benefit others then it is your obligation to share with as many as you can. Here are a couple of ways to help you to stay motivated:

  • Write down and Visualise your goals.A tool to assist this is creating visual representation of your visual goals. I use a Vision Board. I have written a blog here about how Vision Boards Work.
  • Find a community of like minded people in business where you will be supported to share your purpose and why. I am a member of a online business community where I actively connect and communicate to achieve a positive work environment. Here is a review on the community I am a member of. Take a look and if you too decide to join let me know as I’d be more than happy to show you around the community and provide you mentoring support to get started.


The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.

Albert Schweitzer

I encourage you to share in the comments below what your purpose and why are in business.


Adopt a Positive Mindset

This is essential in life and business. Why? Because when you focus on the positive in your life then you notice more of the same. When you focus on the negative then you notice more and therefore attract more. It is that simple. Now just by thinking of the positive and taking no action will not get you far however when you do combine positive thinking with daily actions then that is a powerful combination. The only result you can be to move forward. In terms of how fast and what level of success is really determined by what your daily actions are and if consistent. Remember business is not rocket science. At times it can be boring. However once you have a combination that works the key is to replicate it multiple times over.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

Willie Nelson

Share what you’re doing with those you know

It is common particularly for start-up entrepreneurs, to keep their work to themselves. There is often an over sensitivity to appearing to ‘sell’ to family and friends. However, I challenge you on this.

What if you found out years after you began in business, that a close family member or friend asked you, “Why didn’t you ever share the opportunity with me?”

What is the worst thing that can happen? They say thanks but no thanks.

They will feel comfortable doing this if you simply talk to them about what your doing in conversation. If they think it may suit them they will either ask you a zillion questions or come right out and tell you.

Set Time Limits on how much you work

This is essential. You will be a better entrepreneur and a better person in your personal life if you manage your work hours right from the start. If you’ve been in business for sometime now is a good time to review how you manage your time.

Entrepreneurs particularly when working from home, frankly, can get ‘sucked’ into the “I’m busy” “I’m important” trap. Yes there is no doubt you will be both of these things at different times however it is in the discipline in being able to balance work with down time where you will reap the greatest rewards.

A good way to achieve a healthy work/life balance is to have productivity tools to support you. Particularly home based entrepreneurs. Here is a review on the online tool I use to maintain high productivity and therefore more leisure hours.

Have a Set Work Area

A critical point. Make sure you have a set work area during your work hours. Equally, if working from home. Make sure you walk away from this area when you’re not working.

Some find physically walking round the block ‘to get to work’ and ‘to leave work’ when working from home as a great strategy to transition in and out of ‘work mode’. Find what works for you.

6 thoughts on “Do

  1. Awesome tips!

    I never thought that a positive mindset is that important. I am not so sure about the part of sharing what you are doing with somebody else. In some cases, they might not believe that you will have a chance in creating a business because if they can’t, why could you. I speak from my own experience when I say that people will try to discourage you from creating a business and they will always tell you that it will be just a complete waste of time.

    1. Hi Andrei, thank you for your comment. Yes I completely agree there will be naysayers out there and I recommend listening and thanking them but making sure you also are surrounding by a community of people that do believe you have a chance in creating a business. That’s the reason why I share the community I’m a member of and that provides this exact type of support as I too have a large number of people that care very much for me however don’t believe in all this ‘online business thing’ because they simply wouldn’t do it themselves. I hope that helps and do stop by again.

  2. I completely agree. However, is always struggled with the work / life balance and the sharing with others. I’m working on the sharing part, as I too believe fully in surrounding yourself with those who are like minded. We all need a gentle reminder that not everyone will want or even appreciate hearing about what we do for an income, especially when it is “outside the norm” of the naysayers. While it’s easy to say “ignore them”, oftentimes it’s the naysayers that we end up trying to prove ourselves to, instead of just ignoring them. It’s an even thinner line if those who are on the opposite end of the game, are family members or friends that you respect.

    How would you overcome this? 🙂

    1. The sharing, issue is one that I have thought about for quite sometime. I have several different approaches Chris according to the person or potential naysayer. For example, I share very little detail with my mother as she is baffled by the online world. But I do share when I’m able to go on holiday etc that this came from my business activities which she understands. She is only a ‘naysayer’ because she cares but if I share what is working with her, that works for her.

      For others that will never understand because they simply don’t have an entrepreneurial mind, they are naysayers often because they feel possibly threatened. Therefore I just share very little particularly if close family or friends.

      To colleagues that are openly critical, I am polite to acknowledge them as a person however I don’t give them any time or energy and move on and continue to surround myself if like-minded people as you have described.

      However on the flip side I have had many close family and friends involved in several of my businesses over the past 9 years because it met their needs. I have just made sure I keep our personal and business activities separate. I look forward to hearing your experiences.

  3. When it comes to building an online business, it’s important to implement the 5 steps you have highlighted because otherwise, there’s no real direction.

    For me personally, having a clear purpose and also adopting the right mindset are certainly my 2 key areas of focus.

    But also setting time limits plays a crucial part because we still need to live a healthy and balanced life while building a business. Otherwise, it can consume us and also make us feel ill if it’s all work and no play.


    1. Hi Neil, thanks for your comments. Yes balance is essential and delighted to hear you achieve this through setting time limits. Highlighting this is helpful to others reading this. Thanks again!

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