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Do Not List to take Your Passion to Profits

Consider these points when turning your passion into a profitable business. Here a select few important do nots when creating a new business particularly from a passion, hobby or skill. This is coming from someone that has created businesses many times over.

I recommend You Do Not:

  • Listen to Naysayers
  • Market or Sell to everyone or anyone
  • Do it Alone
  • Focus on what you don’t know
  • Persist long term if it is Not Profitable

Listening to Naysayers can be devastating

On your journey of taking your passion, skill or hobby into a profit making business there will be many along the way telling you what to do and what not to do.

First of all, when it is family or close friends that love you and only want to see the best for you. Their ‘nay saying’ attitude may simply be because they are concerned and are fearful because what you are embarking on is possibly something they wouldn’t. Therefore in these circumstances I would recommend listening but diplomatically thank them, reassure them you have support in your new endeavour and get on with your plans.

Do not Market or Sell to everyone or anyone

When new in business or even when starting on a different or new venture or direction, we often forget or simply don’t know:

How important it is to define and communicate directly to your target market or ideal client (depending on what terminology you prefer).

So when you hear yourself saying, my passion (insert what your passion is) for example, let’s say matching people to the art they love as an example, is of benefit for everyone or anyone. Take a moment, and sit down and write out who exactly is the person you ideally want to or you do want to attract.

For example, when I ran Interactive Arts, my ideal client was typically a woman in a long term relationship. She would make the decisions on choice, size, colours, styles etc and he generally would set the budget. Now as you can imagine this is not everyone that wants to buy art but what I offered worked very well for my ideal client type.

Therefore, whenever I spoke or wrote anything to do with the business I framed it in a way that I believed it would appeal to this type of client. This is where some of you may need to take a leap of faith. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with this point or feel you don’t have time to do this. I’d encourage you to take the time as this could save you thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing campaigns that are too generic so aim at everyone and deliver nothing. Instead of aiming for a specific niche market, you sound like the expert you actually are and attract many high quality clients that value you.

Do not do it Alone

This is so very important. This I insist on you listening and then implementing. You do not have to be on this journey alone. No matter who you are or where you are from or what you are sharing, there is a support network or community out there that suits your mindset and budget. There are no excuses on this one.

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to

think and act on building the life you desire.” Napoleon Hill

Can you hear I’m passionate about this point? I am, I have seen many people in business experience the highs and lows of different markets and business cycles.  It is always those that have the long term support network they trust and actively participate in that ride out these cycle that appears to be with the greatest ease. You are no different so get a network or community to support you as an entrepreneur and also the right support to outsource work when your business begins to grow. I highly recommend for every entrepreneur looking to promote their business online to take a look at the global network of entrepreneurs I am a member of here.

Do not do what you don’t know

If I had my time again regarding my first business, I definitely would not have begun with a website. Why? Back then, I didn’t have a clue about creating a website and what I needed. I would have begun my business through my LinkedIn profile and then progressed to a WordPress blog in the first few weeks.  As I began talking to clients and what their needs and concerns were.

If you’re feeling that way today, times have changed greatly. Unfortunately back then I didn’t know of an online community that could help and teach me step by step how to create and market my blog and business online. Plus you can get started for free so there is no financial risk when you’re first starting your new venture. Win/Win I say!

However, do share what you do know, using the existing skills you do have. As I have mentioned above if you don’t know anything about promoting yourself online there is no need to get hung up about it because there is now help at hand. What this means is you can focus on creating the content in your area of your expertise.

For example:

When I was selling art. Many people don’t think about how an original artwork will look different in a home rather than a professionally lit gallery. And I mention this as it is a bonus. When original artwork is in a home with domestic lighting or even some gallery style lighting, the work looks like it ‘lives’ through the changing light through out the day. Which brings incredible life to many artworks. This is information that many artists take for granted.

I say this because often what you’re an expert in, many tips and techniques you do take for granted that are a complete revelation to we novices. So don’t underestimate your knowledge and what you do know and go focus on sharing exactly that. What you do know.


Do not do long term if it is Not Profitable

You need to be ok with being paid for what you do. Now about 50% of you reading this will think I’m nuts and say well ‘Doh, Fleur’! However I know from experience the other 50% of you will be saying yes I get it but then feel absolute dread or fear at coming across as too salesy. We all need to be able to ‘sell’ what we do regardless of whether we work for ourselves or not. Many roles often sell indirectly when you work for others you just don’t realise how critical the service you’re delivering is to clients returning for more business. If you’re the latter, don’t think sales, think service.

For example:

Be mindful, asking someone if they are happy with your service or product, and their response is yes, then you can ask if they’d like to order more? The client will take you as being helpful and not salesy at all. It depends what it is you do of course, if they have just had a successful knee replacement operation they probably aren’t going to want another one on the same knee very soon. However, you’re good service could end up with a referral and if the client has expressed a positive experience well, that’s the time to ask if they know anyone they would like to refer to your business.

Ok, so my example was a little extreme and perhaps not too relevant for an online business. So let’s try that example again. How about you sell art and you have just sold them a collection of art for their home. Then when you ask for feedback and they are more than satisfied. Ask if you can use your feedback and if they know of anyone that you could help them solve finding art for their home too?

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  1. Hello really good information, it is just so amazing the rules to follow in order to get your business where you want it. It is all about the know how and you provide that kind of know how, thanks for this awesome information.

    1. Thanks so much Norman for taking the time to read and share your feedback. Always welcome. Very much looking forward to providing regular blog articles on all aspects of turning your passion into a profitable business. Stay tuned!

  2. Very good list of don’ts to follow. They’re as important as the do’s. And the like community and support is the most important thing to do. I highly suggest looking into the community you suggest to anyone looking to get started in this venue!

    1. Yes I completely agree Grant. There is absolutely no reason to go on this entrepreneurial journey alone anymore. We all know first hand that being surrounded by like-minded people assists you to strive and to excel. Plus you can get started for free – win/win! Thanks for sharing your comments.

  3. Good information. I agree with surrounding yourself with support. Very important and do something you know. I like your site. Excellent. Thank-you

    1. Thank you Bill for stopping by and sharing your feedback. Totally thrilled to be able to share my knowledge and experience here. Regular blog posts coming up too.

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