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fleur allen mentorThroughout my business career I have been passionate about turning passions of mine into a profitable business; therefore turning a passion into your purpose to a profitable business. This is where it all began, online and blogging.

I began blogging when I had my son and went off to a 6 week Baby Bloggers course. It wasn’t blogging about babies but rather Mothers that wanted to connect with other entrepreneurial Mums and learn how to blog while our babies played or slept.

This short course changed my life. How?

It opened my mind to the possibility of working from home, determining my own hours and in an industry or area that I was passionate about. That course was back in 2007. Jump forward 10 years and I finally got back to continuing my knowledge and education on blogging and joined a global community of over 800,000 entrepreneurs (I’m currently ranked in the Top 100 of this community) – 25 July 2018 I achieved Ambassador status in the top 25 of this community.

I began my first online business on 1 December 2007. It was an online gallery (I ran until 2013) called Interactive Arts. I have since created several more businesses including a property mentoring business and a business development community providing business education and live events. In 2014, my existing clients asked me to work with them and mentor them on how to succeed in business. Therefore I became a business mentor, at first I was apprehensive however now my clients tell you their results for themselves.

I have been very successful in turning my passions (art, property and business) into profitable businesses, however, I have always felt limited in my knowledge of websites, keywords, SEO, web hosting, domain names etc until now. In 2017, I discovered a great online community (I wished I had found 10 years ago) that provides quality step-by-step education for one affordable subscription. I share more about this community later in this page.

most creativity with technology


I have always wanted to help people by sharing skills I have that are of assistance to others. There was a reason why my university degree is a teaching degree; I just love sharing knowledge and helping people achieve their goals.

I’d like to share with you My Life Purpose, also called ‘My Why’ so you know what motivates me:

To Empower Entrepreneurs to uncover their Passion

To Connect, Empower and Motivate You into Action

To Create greater Freedom, Choice & Opportunity in the lives of those I work with

To bring Like-minded People together

For Entrepreneurs to Turn a Passion to Profit through an online business

When I talk about Entrepreneurs I actually specifically work with work from home parents. Why? Because that’s where I began. There are many successful entrepreneurs that happen to work from home and also happen to be parents.


That is a great question. Especially since I am yet to achieve my goal of achieving Super Affiliate status, my story about this goal I have shared here. But what I can share with you are multiple past goals I have strived for and achieved:

  • 2007 Began an online Art Gallery when I was told by multiple people ‘it will never work, no one will buy original art online’. They do and they do now on multiple sites.
  • 2010 I was told I would never sell a house for $900,000 when it was given a market value of $740,000. I sold it for $880,000. They were right I didn’t achieve $900,000 but it was certainly closer to that than $740,000.
  • 2015 I was acknowledged with an International Business Award from global business Ontraport with a Success Award ‘Most Creativity with Technology’
  • 2017 I achieved being in Small Business for 10 years.
  • 2018 I achieved Ambassador status at Wealthy Affiliate

These are just some of my achievements and goals I have set myself and succeeded. Of course, there are many failures along the way but ask any successful person and they will say yes. The difference is successful people continue to grow and learn and reach and strive for their goals when others will stop often just before achieving success.

I know I will achieve this current goal of mine because:

  • I am mixing it with the best. Those that are achieving at the very highest level.
  • I am continually learning from those that have succeeded before me
  • I am taking consistent action
  • I have a mentor that provides me constructive feedback and
  • I am seeing positive results as I overcome every hurdle or need for more knowledge


The purpose of this website, Passion to Purpose blog is to fast track you to online business success. How?

  1. You are invited to join an online global community of entrepreneurs I am a member of (there is Free access)
  2. Giving you access to create your own FREE website(s) to get you started TODAY
  3. I mentor and guide you to achieve the online success you desire both here on this blog but I can take you to a greater level through the online global business community once you’re a member of this community absolutely FREE
  4. Update you weekly with a Weekly Monday Motivation quote through our email newsletters and
  5. Invite you to contribute and participate in discussions on this website through the comments

Too good to be true? Yes, that’s exactly what I thought back in April 2017. Therefore what is fantastic, is the free Starter membership can give you a taste of what this membership can do for you. Of course, it is not the full paid membership, so don’t get disappointed you can’t access everything. If you’d like to know more about this community read this blog ‘Why Join an Online Community’ here.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Warmest regards,

Fleur Allen

Passion to Profit

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