A Simple Tool to use when Creating Online Trainings

Use Simple tools online

A Simple Tool to use when Creating Online Trainings is using QuickTime Player to Create a Screen Video FREE for MAC Users

Simple Tool = QuickTime Player

Here is a screen video I created using QuickTime Player on How to Create a Screen Video FREE for MAC Users

Go here if you’re a PC user. As I no longer use PC so I have included this link to a colleague’s training on the subject.

I created this training for beginner level tech users but it is also handy for those of us (just like me) that forget how to use the many tools available if we’re not using them everyday. I use QuickTime Player because it is simple to use and it came free with my MAC laptop. Given I have had my computer now for some years there very well maybe other software available, do post as a comment below what you use and why you use it so anyone watching this can have as an informed view as possible to make their own choices.

Step 1:

To use QuickTime Player, simply click on your Finder box on your desktop and search for this software under Applications. Once in Applications I just type the first letter of the software I’m looking for, in this case Q, and then double click on the software to open it.

Step 2:

Then go to the File menu tab and click on New Screen Recording. Please note, you can use QuickTime Player to create a Video or Audio only recording too. In this case, click on New Screen Recording and

Step 3:

Follow the instructions on screen that guides you to recording either the whole screen or part of the screen.

Helpful Tip:

A tip, is once you’ve clicked to record, just wait 2 or 3 seconds as it takes a moment to begin recording your audio, your voice. Yes you can not only record what you are doing on your screen with you mouse but if you speak while you’re doing it your voice will be recorded in the screen video too. Cool!

Essential tip:

Remember to save your video or extract your video from QuickTime Player to where you want it to be filed.


If a picture is worth 1000 words then is a video worth 10,000 words? We are an ever increasing visual world and the pace we learn and create and implement particularly online continues to increase too. This is why it is a very handy tool to know how to create short videos demonstrating the content you’re explaining using text and/or still images. This does not replace the written word. It simply is an alternative as we all learn slightly differently to each other and we also learn differently depending on how rushed, busy or focused we are.

Content Tip

Before you record your screen video. I highly recommend you write down a couple of dot points on what you want to cover in your video. This will save you needing to do numerous takes or edits. Because you are showing your screen and speaking and recording all at the same time, it is just easier if you have your planned outline written out before you begin to keep you focused. This is especially important if you’re wanting to create short (under 5 min) videos. Using this strategy is quite handy because many will watch a quick, short video rather than a lengthy 30+ minute video online. However, there certainly are also occasions to create longer training too.


This is a simple tool to use when you’re creating online trainings that has outstanding, positive impact on your online audience. I consistently receive very positive feedback whenever I include a short video training to sumarise or demonstrate the teaching point I am making.

If you’re looking for a more robust version of QuickTime Player take a look at Pro Player:

Please do share your experiences below in the comments for everyone that visits and reads this post to learn together with multiple points of view.

4 thoughts on “A Simple Tool to use when Creating Online Trainings

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I think with more iphones and smartphones, people are creating more and more videos. It is getting popular to view things instead of simply reading content. As a teacher, I know that there are some students that are visual learner.
    I hadn’t figured out how to share my screen and create videos, so this is a useful website for me. I’ll have to look into Quicktime.

    1. I’m delighted this was helpful to you Melinda! Yes we live in such a visually stimulated society. There are many free software to use for screen videos however I find Quicktime really simple and easy to use plus it came with my laptop – bonus and win/win I say. Love to hear how you get along with it.

  2. Very clear and informative video. I also use MAC and have tried doing video recording but still making a lot of mistakes. Still testing on the silent recording as not able to speak, browse and speak at the same time. I notice your voice is very clear, do you use a mic?

    This is one thing I would like to learn and I totally agree with you that Video will speak 10,000 words. Thanks for the sharing.


    1. Thanks for your comment SK. I use the internal microphone for screen videos and I have an external mic I use for YouTube videos. Appreciate your feedback on my voice clarity. Clear audio is so essential.

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